Thursday, February 28, 2008

Something to remember me by

Unos apuntes sobre mí

Some facts about me

Tengo una familia maravillosa. Y muy grande. Estamos muy unidos.(Boceto de las niñas, Ricky y yo)

I have a wonderful family. And big too. We are very close. (Sketch of the girls, Ricky and I)

Trabajo en una tienda de discos y libros. Mi vida ha estado profundamente influenciada por estos dos factores. Especialmente por la música. Toda mi vida está llena de referencias musicales. La música me alimenta.

I work in a record and book store. My life has been deeply influenced by these two parameters. Especially, music. My life is full of musical references. Music nourishes me.

Me compro y me pongo zapatos de tacón... esporádicamente. Me gustan mucho, disfruto viendolos en los escaparates y hasta me convenzo de que me hacen más femenina... Pero no puedo evitar sentirme mejor con mis playeras.

I buy and wear high heels... sporadically. I like them, I enjoy watching shoe shop windows and I even tell myself that I look a lot more feminine in them... But I can't help feeling better when sticking to sneakers.

Comencé a pintar poco antes de cumplir los treinta. Soy autodidacta, aunque he estado rodeada de artistas que me han espoleado a investigar y meterme en mi mundo.

I started painting when I was almost thirty. I'm self-taught, although I've been surronded by artists who have spurred me on to research and get into my own world of drawing.

Y si hay algo que me gusta por encima de muchísimas cosas es: ¡¡el regaliz rojo!!

And if there's something that I love over many many things that is: red licorize!!


Stardust said...

Lovely details of you : ) Your family looks cute in your portrait. And I love that sneaker-stairway photo! Beautiful. I've been doing some "shoe therapy" myself, too. Have a great day!

karina said...

Lindo Blog,y muy interesantes tus dibujos.

mansuetude said...

i don't know what it is
about red licorice
(even black-if its homemade)!

i love it too. Unless i think about it, then i wonder, hey, what Is this?

lovely post.

Esti said...


Marie-Louise said...

it is so fun to read and see your blog...

NATXO said...

Habrá que ilustrar a tus lectores.
Mañana último día del mes un monográfico sobre el regaliz rojo.
Y el mes que viene, todos los viernes el día del regaliz.
A ver quien presenta el mejor regaliz a nivel mundial.
Es decir para el mes de Abril todos con un mínimo de conocimiento al respecto.

chapines de rubí said...

Ñaaaam, le pegaba un mordisco ahora mismo al regaliz.¡la foto está genial, casi se puede oler! Ñam ñam. Jaja, qué graciosos todos los playeros por las escaleras.
uy, qué envidia que trabajes rodeada de libros y música, ¡¡qué maravilla!! Sin música tampoco sabría vivir, cada momento de mi vida está relacionado con una canción o un disco. es increible el poder de la música, con solo oir una canción te puedes remontar años atrás.
Uy, se me olvidaba: muy bonitas las ilustraciones, ¡como siempre!

Mallinkowa said...

Gorgeous world. :)Thank you for this post. You made me think about my world.

fine little day said...

Like the pic with the shoes in the stair :) I use to wear them, but very seldom these days. I too comfortable. You seem to draw A LOT, I´m imressed.

Christine said...

Your words about high heels and sneakers made me laugh. I'm excactly the same:)))
As always, I love your drawing and photos. I'm adding you to my blog roll:)))

Jill said...

Oh, so many many fun things in this post! Lucky you to work in a book and music store! I used to work in a library and I miss all the easy access to books. Shoe photo is amazing, not only for the way you displayed your shoes, but for your beautiful paintings. I also love the painting of the girl with the necklace. It's so fun to know more about you! Thanks for sharing!

Eli said...

I like how the pattern looks in that first drawing, and your sparse use of black. Moves the eye nicely...

Have you ever used red licorice as a straw for soda?

Esti said...

Oh How I've laughed with the comments to this post!! Ha, Ha!!
Thanks everybody.
So natxo wants me to make Red Licorice Fridays, every friday! Natxo, you know I could... For me talking about licorice and candy wouldn't be that hard...
Mansuetude, I don't know how to make homemade licorice, would you share the recipe?
Fine little day, Yes I do draw a lot; I draw every day/night, at any ocassion I'm able to. Drawings pile up at home. (It's easier than piling up canvases, I must say)
Christine, thanks for the link!
Eli, yes I've done that! Plus, when I was a kid you could use licorice as a spoon for some spicy powder candy (I don't know the English name for this stuff).

Once again, thanks for vissiting.

Maria said...

thank you for this lovely post! I really enjoy to read and look at the pics. it was great to see some more of your paintings too, you're very talented!

mansuetude said...

i would like to see licorice too, every friday. :)

i don't "MAKE" it; people buy it for me at little country stores, when they see it; home made--usually the black. I love anise. Love Zambuka; a bakery in Boston used to make a hint of anise in Chocolate Chip cookies bigger than your grown hand.

here is a googled Licorice--but it can't be right, can it?

Esti said...

mansuetude, when I gave birth to my first daughter, people would bring me red licorice as a present. It lasted for months!

Red licorice=Esti, it's a family saying.

comfies said...

esti, thank you for your comment on my blog. i love your drawings and paintings and that photograph of sneakers on the stairs! love it!

ZOE said...

lastima que no pueda ampliarse el cuadro de la chica y el collar...tiene algo que me llama poderosamente la atención..

La Rimule said...

Hola ! visito tu blog por primera vez y me gusta tu mundo ! y a mi también me encanta el regaliz rojo !!! :)

Anonymous said...
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