Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sit and listen to the rain

Oooooh la lluvia!
Quiero oler el asfalto mojado. En verano es un olor delicioso. En invierno, puede suponer una tortura reiterativa. Pero no ahora, que tanto echaba de menos este olor. Salir del trabajo y encontrarme mi coche lavadito. Vuelve a ser un coche azul.
Salir del trabajo de noche y la oscuridad está mojada y de los faros de los coches y las farolas cuelgan cortinas de gotitas traviesas, rápidas en su empeño por caer.
Oooooh, la lluvia. Cómo te he echado de menos.

Oooooh the rain!
I breathe.
I want to smell the wet pavement. A delicious smell in summertime. But not so uncommon if it’s winter (any winter but this one). But let me tell you, I really missed this smell. Coming out from work and meeting a well washed car.
Coming out from work and feeling the wet darkness, and from car lights and street lamps handfuls of drops pour curiously, fast in their insistence of falling and make puddles.
Oooooh, the rain. How much I have missed you.

Por la mañana... Despiertas deseando ver el cielo gris. Y el cielo está gris. Y hay charcos en la calle que reflejan el cielo. Gris.

In the morning... You wake up longing to see a grey sky. And there it is, your grey sky. And there are puddles at your feet reflecting the sky. Grey.

Te he estado esperando.

I've been waiting for you.

Sit and Listen to the Rain
Sit around, dream away the place I'm from
Used to feel so much, now I just feel numb
Could go out tonight but I ain't sure what for
Call a friend or two I don't know anymore
Sit and listen to the rain
Sit and listen to the rain
Gonna ride down to the river where it runs
Gonna watch tv and pray for decent reruns
Sit around and dream away what I've become
Used to feel so much now I just feel dumb
Sit and listen to the rain
Sit and listen to the rain
I'll never understand this emptiness
I'll never understand this emptiness
I'll never really try and understand
Try and understand, I guess
Sit around, dream away the place I'm from
Sit and listen to the rain
Sit and listen to the rain

- Whiskeytown

Thanks Design For Mankind, for featuring me and being so supportive

Gracias a Design for Mankind por el apoyo que me ha dado (ver links arriba)


sixcerezas said...

me alegro que te guste!!
pero estoy cabreada con las nuevas tecnologias!!!me fastidia mucho que las imagenes que hago que vienen de programas de vectores se vean tan maaaaalll!!aaaaggghhh
bueno, q le vamos a hacer...

Christine said...

Wow. This is so beautiful. I can very much relate to your longing for rain in the summer, and I'm with you all the way, when it comes to the sweet smell of wet pavement:))
I love the illustration:))

Catherine said...

There is something so special about summer rain, and it truely does have a wonderful smell and feels so magic.
Oh and I love the whiskeytown lyrics!

Jill said...

It's grey here too today. Congrats on being featured on Design for Mankind! That is such a cool blog. I featured black and white illustration in my post today and put in a little link to you too!

mansuetude said...

i remember back to older posts you had not had rain many months--this must be a blessing rain.

Sweet is the smell of rain for me, too--on the sea, on the forest, on the grass. We had a good rain yesterday, with lots of clanging of pots and pans in the heavens. Lots of light flashing.:)

Esti said...

Spain's northern country, Galicia and Basque Country in particular, are known for its rain (we call it xirimiri in Basque) and its green mountains. So it's been so weird the lack of rain. It felt like someone was changing everything inside out. This rainy day evens out a little, I guess.
Thanks jill, thanks christine, thanks mansuetude, for your visits and support.

Marie-Louise said...

I love the sound of rains against the window, and to be wholly indoors. It is wonderful. And it is god workdays!

lisa s said...

it feels like rain on your blog!

thanks so much for your kind words in my little corner of the internet....

jo said...

esti, ¡qué lindo post!

me encanta la lluvia también. me gusta caminar por la calle bajo el paraguas.


Mary-Laure said...

Aca en Paris tambien esta lloviendo...
Tus fotos son fabulosas,te felicito.