Friday, January 2, 2009

Last lights, first sights

* light / luz
* kids / niños
* noise / ruido
* laughter / risas
* colors / colores
* morning / mañana
* quietness / tranquilidad


mansuetude said...

i've always loved those sparklers. Happy new year, full of light!

Jill said...

what a lovely sequence, Esti! happy new year to you and your family, AND happy birthday! now you join me in being 40 :) it's really not so bad.
xo jill (and i love the small magical forest picture, perfect size i think)

●• Tiny Red said...

belissimas las fotos Esti!
tambien las palabras, como siempre me encantan las visitas que hago aqui :)

andrea tachezy said...

Happy new year Esti!

esther said...

que de recuerdos me han traido esas bengalas

googler said...
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