Saturday, July 26, 2008


Mañana playa!
¿Qué tal va vuestro fin de semana?

Tomorrow the beach!
How's your weekend going?

Rina and Pia have given me an award and tagged me this week and I'm very grateful to these girls for thinking of me. I've already done one of the tags a month ago, in case you want to check out.

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gracia said...

A film I saw yesterday concluded at the beach. The credits rolled and the view was of a couple standing looking out to sea. Seeing it, it made me want to go to the waters edge and stand looking out at the waves as they roll in.

Enjoy your beach spell, g

nadia said...


pia said...

oh i'll be there in spirit, beach side. I am missing my old beach life quite a bit at the moment. But thankfully life on the little boat does appease my longing, waking up to watery reflections on the ceiling helps a great deal.

Great tag, thanks for letting me know - our lives seem strangely parrallel, I find myself relating to your posts regularly.

Have a fabulous sunday! px

when skies are grey said...

Looks like a great weekend Esti!
It's funny, when I read your title "Vamos" it reminded me instantly Spanish class. "Vamos a la playa" is one of the first phrases to learn.

Zepequeña said...

Que envidia...


Ciara said...

Yes there's been a lot of beach for us too, finally. The beach we have on our doorstep is a stony, not-safe-for-swimming beach, but wonderful for walking.

And heaven is only twenty minutes down the coast. Yippee!

sarajo f said...

i love the beach...but i love your book even more
amo la playa... pero amo su libro aún más!

stephanie levy said...

Nice photos - yes, vamos a la playa - have fun!

I was in Bilbao 3 years ago and I loved the Basque country and Northern Spain. So beautiful!!