Friday, September 24, 2010

A day off

Esta noche la princesa Nocilla ha ido a dormir a casa de una amiga, así que la princesa Mermelada a su vez ha invitado a una amiga. Como este viernes no tenían cole decidí tener manga ancha con la hora de acostarse y estuvieron charlando hasta muy, muy tarde. Mientras, yo aguantaba como podía leyendo en la cama; se me cerraban los ojos a cada instante, y por fin se durmieron.
Justo antes de que me despertaran yo soñaba con que me levantaba y oía a la princesa Nocilla jugando en su habitación. Cuando husband me decía que había ido a recogerla a casa de su amiga durante la noche sin decirme nada, yo me agarraba un gran rebote.
Así que cuando Mermelada y su amiga han aparecido en la puerta de mi habitación y no eran ni las ocho de la mañana, me han encontrado enfurruñada y un poco descolocada, como esperando oir a Nocilla jugando en la casa. Pero no era así. Y no ha habido forma de meterles de nuevo en la cama. No entienden que los días de fiesta son diferentes.

Para colmo, he mirado por la ventana y... está lloviendo.


Last night princess Nutella went to sleep over at a friend's, thus princess Marmalade invited over a friend of hers. Since today was not a school day, I thought I made it easier on them and delayed their bedtime, so they were chatting until very, very late. Meanwhile I tried to stay awake as I could, reading in bed. My eyelids closed every couple of minutes until finally the house grew silent.
Right before I've woken up today I was dreaming that I got up and heard princess Nutella playing in her room. When husband said he had picked her up at her friend's during the night without telling me, I got really angry with him.
So when princess Marmalade and her friend have showed their faces at my bedroom door and it wasn't even eight o'clock, they've found me sulky and unfocused, waiting to hear Nutella's playing in the house. But, of course, it was only in my dream. Unfortunatelly I haven't managed to lead the girls back to bed. They don't seem to understand that a day off is a special day.
To make things worse, I've looked through my window... it's raining.

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ibb said...

Los días de fiesta y lluviosos son diferentes...empezar el día cuando quieres seguir soñando no es justo...lo único...intenta dibujar un hueco azul entre las nubes.
Buen fin de semana.

Jill said...

enjoy the day off, esti :) we had a sleepover at our house last weekend, kids woke us up at 5:30 a.m. husband and i were NOT happy about it. i'm excited to see your calendar when it is ready!

Ciara said...

Oh, yes. They're all the same aren't they? Jay is away for ten days and I can tell you I feel the lack of sleep, and although I am dreaming about a lie-in tomorrow I just know it's not gonna happen!
At least you have a day off, you don't have to be anywhere. I hope it's a cosy one! x

anne said...

My kids wake up at 7 a.m. no matter the day. It gets hard on weekends too!

tia said...

no aprovecharías tu tambien el tiempo de fiesta sin cole a costa de dormir menos?...y ya empieza la lluvia?...

la ninja said... :P

aimee said...

our girls came into the bedroom at 6:55 am, flipped on the lights, played cymbals and a music box, and shouted "IT'S TIME TO GET UP!" their idea of a day off is different from ours, most definitely!

lisa s said...

ah yes... a day off. a VERY precious thing. hope you get to sleep in soon :)

la ninja said...
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la ninja said...

it was my turn today to be awaken by an early sms (?), then the bloody noisy neighbours. a grey and bleh morning was awaiting. boo hoo.
I turned it round by just getting myself out of the house and taking a brisk walk to the contemporary art museum; followed by coffee with a mate and then, as if by magic... the sun came out and we took a looong stroll in the park. hooray.