Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day and Night

La noche
espera al dia
la tristeza
a la risa
como yo espero
a que llegue el sueño


waits for the day
waits for the laughter
like I wait
for the time to fall into slumber

Today's music:
Julian Casablancas


su said...

Que bonito Esti!!

Sharon said...

These photos are wonderful! I get a feeling of intimacy with the trees.

Milkmoon~Ciara said...

Beautiful, Esti...

aimee said...

i wish you'd publish a book of your poetry.

mansuetude said...

great choice, lovely.

anne said...

It amazes me how you move me in so few words.

Katrina said...

gorgeous, gorgeous leaves.

sarajo frieden said...

beautiful photos, and i should definitely publish a book of poetry with your drawings and photos!