Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time for trees

Cuando tenemos unos días de vacaciones ocurre esto:

Las niñas se despiertan más temprano que nunca. Y quiero decir muyyyy temprano.
"Quiero ir a desayunar"
"¿Puedo pintar?"
"¿Puedo ir a jugar?"
"¿Me bajas el libro ese que está en la balda alta, que yo no llego?"

Y tras desayunar:
"¿Ponemos el árbol?"
"¿Ponemos el árbol?"
"¿Ponemos el árbol?"

Sí, éste es el fin de semana de poner el árbol, y lo saben, de poner en común listas navideñas. Pero también es tiempo de reunirnos con amigos y de pasear por Getxoarte. Quién sabe igual veo algo tan fascinante que no tengo más remedio que ponerlo en mi lista de deseos...


This is what happens when he have some days off:

The girls wake up earlier than ever. And I mean reallyyyy early.
"I want breakfast"
"Can I play?"
"Can I draw?"
"Could you reach for that book on the top self?"

And after breakfast:
"Can we put up the Christmas tree?"
"Can we put up the Christmas tree?"
"Can we put up the Christmas tree?"

Yes, this is the weekend when we put up the tree and they know it, and this is the weekend when we gather all our christmas lists. It is also a time for meeting with friends and to walk around Getxoarte, the local art fair. Who knows, I might as well see something that I can't help but include in my own wish list...

Today's music:
The Raspberries


Nasza kochana ruderka. said...

Hola!Que fotos mas chulos!Me encantan.Veo,que vivimos bastante cerca.Te voy a visitar aqui .Saludos.Ana

lisa s said...

how fun to put up your tree!

i hope your pulled muscle is feeling better [i have one too!]

aimee said...

children just somehow KNOW when it is a weekend or holiday. our girls flew out of bed unbelievably early this morning (saturday) - they would have never woken up that early on a school morning!

and you know what? i think my spanish is getting better, thanks to you. now i try to read and understand the spanish part of your blog posts first, and then i read the english to find out how much i did (or didn't) understand. thanks for the lessons :)

esther said...

¿nos enseñaras el árbol?

Hila said...

Hehe, my little cousins always get up really early when people are trying to sleep-in. It must be something all children have in common :)
I love these photos.

Here, There, Elsewhere... and more said...

Sounds like your weekend was very much like mine..!
Thanks for sharing..:)

Raquel Gratis total said...

Enseñanos tu árbol!
Con respecto a lo de tu primo, he visto la noticia en el periódico, vaya faena! espero que puda remonar, hacen falta coj....para hacer lo que el hace, qué valiente y luchador!

Aran said...

si, si, el arbol! yo tambien quiero! en eso soy una como una nina.

hannna said...

oh, it's been too long that i've been here... lots of nice new things and stories. you're in full flow!
here we put up the christmas tree just a little bit before christmas eve. decorate it in the morning of the 24th. i think. but we've picked the one we want. from our yard, first time.

Anairam said...

I really hope you will show your tree once it's done! It sounds like Chrsitmas is really a special time for your little girls!

María said...

Eso!!! enseñanos el arbol!!
Un besote

Esti said...

lisa, i'm afraid my neck is still a little sore.
aimee, it's great to hear that. I'm also improving my english by blogreading ;)
hannna, you picking your own tree sounds so cool!

y bueno, haré unas fotos del árbol..., pero os advierto que no es gran cosa...