Saturday, May 31, 2008

Face your dreams

Este es un viejo dibujo al que vuelvo a menudo.
I often come back to this old drawing of mine

Sueño que intento que no me pisen porque voy descalza
Sueño que me caigo de la cama
Sueño que no puedo abrir los ojos
He visto un erizo cruzando la autopista y he sentido pena
He visto un cartel medio fundido y parpadeante
He visto una nube negra acercandose a mí
He encontrado personas maravillosas
Me he levantado y he abierto la puerta
Es fin de semana

I dream that I'm trying not to be step on because I'm barefoot
I dream I fall out of bed
I dream I can't open my eyes nor see
I've seen a hedgehog crossing the highway and I've felt sorry for it
I've seen a halfblown and blinking sign
I've seen a black cloud heading towards me
I've found wonderful people
I've got up and I've open the door
It's raining
It's weekend

The gift:
two days left to enter the draw (see last monday post)
quedan dos días para participar (ver el post del lunes pasado)

Today's music:
Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave...


Aran said...

ese dibujo dice tanto...

pia said...

and i've seen a little wandering heart marked in chalk. beautiful post esti.
PS I want to go in the draw so badly, I love your art very much but I haven't entered becuase I feel like I have already been given so much lately. So I'm hoping you will do another competition like this later in the year. px

asphaltandair said...

your little dream snippets are magical. they make me smile and they make me think.
i, too, had fascinating dreams last night. it must be something in the air...

lisa s said...

the heart photo is really magical.
i love the idea of turning fear into dreams

Maria said...

Hello! I find the way to you from Eleonor in Australia. I like your blog and want to come back!

(Just now my husband have arrived to Valencia in Spain for one week visit, I've got a SMS from him =)

Raquel said...

No es por presionar, pero yo me merezco el premio!!!

design for mankind. said...

Awww, I love this one. Your posts are always so meaningful.

karina said...

Me gusta el corazon!

Mrs.French said...

"I've seen a hedgehog crossing the highway and I've felt sorry for it"....definitely my favorite part.

Esti said...

pia, there will surely be more draws, I promise :)

maria, welcome back anytime!

raquel, la suerte está echada... ;)

jess gonacha said...

what a great drawing. and so meaningful!