Thursday, April 3, 2008

The hand project

This is a project I have "in my hands" right now. I want to stress the beauty and importance of our hands. What they express, how we talk through them (I move them a lot, all the time), how they type our keys, how they respond to our thoughts... How they bring us together. What we are and what they say of us.
This might be a long time running serie, I ain't sure. Later on into the project, I might ask you to take part in it. I hope you like the idea.

My hands

Hands of my husband

Este es un proyecto que me traigo "entre manos". Con esta idea quiero destacar la importancia y belleza de las manos. Todo lo que expresan, cómo hablamos con ellas (yo mucho, todo el rato), como teclean en nuestro ordenador, cómo obedecen a nuestros pensamientos... Cómo nos acercan a los demás. Lo que somos y lo que dicen de nosotros.
Esta es una serie a largo plazo y es posible que más adelante, quizá, cuando el proyecto esté más desarrollado, os pida a todos participar en él. Espero que os guste la idea.

Música hoy en el trabajo/Today's music at my work:
Pernice Bro, Benjamin Biolay, Original Soundtrack of Anton Corbijn's Control, Leonard Cohen...


Por otro lado, Jill me ha dedicado un premio, gracias.
On the other hand, Jill, has given me this award. Thank you.

Como creo entender que se premia a blogs con buenas intenciones, yo quiero premiar a unos cuantos que leo a diario. Hay más... en la siguiente ocasión!

I understand that the award goes to blogs with a good intention, I want to pass this award onto many I read daily, but I can only pick five of them. There are more, I leave them for the next occassion!

1. Erin, for her good intentions on passionately supporting artists and people/ por sus buenas intenciones y su apoyo apasionado de gente y artistas.

2. Mary Laure, for sharing her memories of so many countries, and taking me with her on her blog trips /por compartir sus recuerdos de tantísimos países y llevarme con ella a éstos.

3. Lotte, fruenswerk, for giving me a daily inspiration on art and photography, for displaying her big big talent /por brindarme inspiración diaria en arte y fotografía, y por desplegar en su blog su gran talento.

4. Pia, for her great photography and the way she stands for her beliefs and friends /por sus maravillosas fotos y por la manera en que mantiene sus creancias y apoya a sus amigos.

5. Lucía, for her passion for literature / por su pasión literaria.

Las reglas son las siguientes /Rules are as follow:
1. You have to nominate 5 blogs, which haven't had this award before!
Nomina a 5 blogs que no hayan tenido este premio antes

2. Each of the blogs must have a purpose!
El blog debe tener una intención

3. The logo from the award must be put on their blog and it must link back to this blog!
El logo del premio se debe poner y se debe poner un link a este blog.


Baglife said...

que maravilla de blog, que gran descubrimiento. gracias, gracias.

asphaltandair said...

the hand project is very, very exciting!
i adore the pairings of photos with wonderfully detailed drawings!
i am looking forward to seeing what will come next (and would love to participate in some way!)

pia said...

thank you!!! what a surprise esti, thanks so much!

pia said...

PS i just realised the hand project is on this same post as i was about to post a comment for it! i LOVE this idea Esti, your drawings are so beautiful and I would so love to be a part of the project if you choose to include others in the future!

Krissy said...

I love the hand project!

Kelly C. said...

your hand project is so very inspired! just love it.

Eli said...

Very nice, Esti! Hands are so expressive, and your designs look great on them!

karina said...

Estos dibujos de las manos me encantan y muy buenos los blogs que premiaste, estoy leyendo ahora el de Lucia!

Annika Sandin said...

Oooh I love the hand illustrations. Beautiful!

FruensWerk said...

WOW...I´m in on your hand-project if??? haha
SO them VERY much Esti :D

(If your in on a HAND-SWAP drawing tell me? hihi)

Though I´m wondering how you toke the picture...with your nose?

And my good...Award...are you sure...haha
Never had one before...Thank you so so much...If I could I would give it back to you "FOR reading my blog" :)
Sweet words...can you see me smile?
I´m happy in my heart.

I have to find 5 to give the award to...ay???

Mary-Laure said...

Etsi, que HONOR!!!
Me gusta tan tu blog y tu arte, es un placer ENORME recibir este 'award'...Muchas gracias!

Christine said...

I find your handproject awesome! I love the drawings, and can't wait to see what the hands bring me next :))

Marie-Louise said...

This with hands - it is actually interesting. Intend what we tend with our hands, caresses and comforts. And certain works so hard with their hands. My first thought when I saw your photos where that it is so big difference on a man's hand and a woman's hand… Hope that you can understand what I try to say.

Esti said...

marie louise, i know exactly what you mean.

fruenswerk, i'm sure many people is reading your blog, but it's so full of cool art and inspiration that you leave them speechless!!

more news on the hand project coming up at the beginning of next week!!

Kirti said...

you deserve it Esti, good for you. The hands project reminds me of something we did in first year at high school. Somewhere I still have the drawing I did.....I love to see your drawings each post.

Lucía said...

Esti, muchas gracias por el premio, ha sido toda una sorpresa. Lo que vas a encontrar hoy en mi blog es pura coincidencia, no ha tenido nada que ver con esto, ya lo tenía pensado, pero como estaba con los ejercicios espirituales no lo pude publicar antes. Ha sido telepatía.

Me gusta tu proyecto, ya tengo ganas de ver el resultado final.

Un fuerte abrazo.

MamaShift said...

Enjoying these. Gracias!

fine little day said...

They´re beautiful, your painted hand. Lovely patterns/drawings!

when skies are grey said...

Your hand drawings came out beautiful!
I Look forward to seeing this project develop.

pivoinerose said...

I don't speak spanish and my english is bad, so I'm not sure to have very well understood your hand's project…
I have understood that you would like to collect some pictures of hands...
I sent two hands's photo, today, on my blog.
The first one is the hand of my younger son, Tristan, last summer, when he was one month.
The second one is tristan's hand again, with his great-grand mother.
have a nice evening!!and congratulations for your beautiful blog.

Anonymous said...
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