Saturday, March 15, 2008


*1 Enjoy the spring sun before it starts raining
Disfruta del sol de primavera antes de que llueva

*2 Play, jump and skate
Juega, salta y patina

*3 A walk in the city
Un paseo por la ciudad

*4 Buy pens & sketch books
Compra rotus y cuadernos

*5 Lunch with the family
Comida con la familia

*6 Some singing, some listening
Cantar un poco, escuchar un poco

*7 Get you some licorice and candies
Agarra un puñado de regalices y gominolas

*8 And if possible, go out to dinner
Y quizá, salir a cenar

Have a nice weekend!!


Lucía said...

Es un buen plan, buen fin de semana.

mansuetude said...

i think it will be a good day for some singing, dancing, and celebrating the senstitive in the heart. the world here is wrapped in a shawl of milky fog... perhaps it nourishes the tree branches so they can open to the new milk of life. and flower again!

Stardust said...

Your plan for the day sounds good. We managed to do some today. Good, lazy, relaxed Saturday with grandparents. By the way, have a visit, there are some HOODED matryoshkas in my blog : )

natascha said...

Buena idea! creo que haré algo de eso!

instantanés said...

Que regalo ! Que ideia ! Bom fim de semana para ti ! Et hop, hop, vive la marelle !

hannna said...

we did numbers 2, 3, 4, 6. today will be lunch, tomorrow dinner. oh, and number 7: chocolate.

did you do it all?

Esti said...

hanna, I managed to do the whole list and more (visit friends, have an icecream, see some Easter parades, etc), except for skating! My daughters did. I'm afraid I can't skate ;)

stardust, beautiful pics at your blog. Thanks.