Thursday, March 27, 2008

This street, that man, this life

No hay muchas sensaciones comparables con la de dibujar por la noche, con el ruido de los coches pasando bajo la ventana, abriendose paso entre la lluvia, las conversaciones tranquilas y susurradas con mi marido al ordenador al otro lado de la mesa y estar descalza con la calefacción puesta. Me hace recordar una charla de hace muchos años con mi amigo Jorge, en la que nos poníamos de acuerdo en que la música perfecta para las noches de lluvia era la de Cowboy Junkies. Con un rotulador en la mano van apareciendo figuras sobre el papel y dentro de mí se van formando nuestras historias con sus bandas sonoras.

There aren't many sensations comparable to drawing at night, with the noise of the street, of the cars passing by my window piercing the rain; to quiet and whispered conversations with my husband sitting at the computer on the other side of the table; to being barefoot and with the heating on. It reminds me of a long time talk with my friend Jorge, in which we agree to the perfect music for a rainy night: Cowboy Junkies'. With a pen in my hand some characters appear on the blank paper and stories get shaped inside me with their own original soundtracks.

Sun comes up, it's Tuesday morning
hits me straight in the eyeguess you forgot to close the blind last night
Oh, that's right, I forgot, it was me
I sure do miss the smell of black coffee in the morning,
the sound of water splashing all over the bathroom,
the kiss that you would give me even though I was sleeping,
but I kind of like the feel of this extra few feet in my bed
Telephone's ringing, but I don't answer it
'cause everybody knows that good news always sleeps till noon
Guess it's tea and toast for breakfast again
maybe I'll add a little T.V. too
No milk! God, how I hate that
Guess I'll go to the corner, get breakfast from Jenny
She's got a black eye this morning, `Jen how'd ya get it?'
she says, `Last night, Bobby got a little bit out of hand'
Lunchtime. I start to dial your number
then I remember so I reach for something to smoke
and anyways I'd rather listen to Coltrane
than go through all that shit again
There's something about an afternoon spent doing nothing
Just listening to records and watching the sun falling
Thinking of things that don't have to add up to something
and this spell won't be broken
by the sound of keys scraping in the lock
Maybe tonight it's a movie
with plenty of room for elbows and knees, a bag of popcorn all to myself,
black and white with a strong female lead
and if I don't like it, no debate, I'll leave
Here comes that feeling that I'd forgotten
how strange these streets feelwhen you're alone on them
Each pair of eyes just filled with suggestion
So I lower my head, make a beeline for home. Seething inside
Funny, I'd never noticedthe sound the streetcars make as they pass my window
Which reminds me that I forgot to close the blind again
Yeah, sure I'll admit there are times when I miss you
Especially like now when I need someone to hold me
but there are some things that can never be forgiven
and I just gotta tell you
that I kinda like this extra few feet in my bed
- Sun comes up, it's tuesday morning. Cowboy Junkies


mado&co said...

Que lindo su dibujo! I love it sooo much!

karina said...

Me encanto tu dibujo y las palabras que lo acompañan.

Raquel said...

cowboy junkies?? no sé quien es, lo buscaré !!
ay que duro es ser moderno!

Jill said...

Sounds like a lovely quiet evening. The Cowboy Junkies remind me of when I first met my husband and we used to listen to them all the seems like ages ago. They are the perfect music for a quiet rainy night, I agree!

instantanés said...

Lindo, lindo, tão lindo !

lola said...

Hola, me encanta tu blog, te he conocido por sixxcerezas. te importa si pongo algo sobre ti en mi blog?

Esti said...

raquel, esta música es todo menos moderna.;)
lola, claro que me puedes mencionar en tu blog. :)

design for mankind. said...

Oh gosh, Esti--- you are so so talented. I love this one!

j said...

love the mood in your home, your evening. sounds wonderful.

you're a talented writer as well as artist.

(and in Spanish and English!)

Mallinkowa said...

It was lovely night. I like working, when my husband is near me.

Eli said...

I really like the quiet feeling to this, and the way you use black and a bit of pattern to great effect!

mushroommeadows said...

Hey...your illustrations are bigger than I thought they were! That's sooooo cool! :)

Emma said...

Hi, I love your pen and ink drawings. I love work that is unabashedly female.They are like quiet celebrations.

Kirti said...

Love the Cowboy Junkies, love your work! Sun here today!

Stardust said...

Lovely.. This title and story led me thinking of my street, my house, my man, my kids, my music.. Each home has it's own rythm. And so different during the day light compared to night. Thank you for a chance to peek into yours : )

Maria said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I found myself dreaming away:)

andrea tachezy said...

Hi Esti, this is funny. I am listening Cowboy Junkies right now, and I opened your blog - and what I see..... :-))
I like the top photo of you by drawing.