Friday, March 18, 2011

On the side

I have my camera with me at all times, most of the times... but when I reached to grab it in order to take pictures of husband's band gig in Bilbao, I didn't find it. Fortunately Diego was there, who got a pretty compact camera in one of his pockets that I borrowed.
 I still remember what princess Marmalade asked me the first time she saw her dad on stage:

- When is he stopping acting like a fool?

(This was years ago. Nowadays both princesses get upset because they can't attend and see him...)


Todo el día con la cámara colgada y cuando llega el momento de sacar unas fotos del concierto del grupo de husband en Bilbao, no la tengo a mano. Menos mal que por allí estaba Diego, que enseguida encontró una compacta en un bolsillo para prestarme.
Todavía recuerdo lo que decía la princesa Mermelada cuando vió actuar a su padre por primera vez:

- ¿Cuándo deja de hacer el tonto?

(Esto fue hace años y ahora se enfadan porque ellas no van a verle)


Today's music:
El Inquilino Comunista


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Dana Tanamachi
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Tamara said...

Ay, qué mona la princesa, jeje. Realmente, los niños lo ven todo desde otra óptica.

Anonymous said...

Is that husband on the first or the second picture?

Iñigo said...

There goes husband!

Esti said...

iñigo, gracias! se lo pongo hoy, aunque, no es lo mismo :)

We Blog Artists said...

My husband too is a musician who plays out about 2 or 3 times a month with his 2 bands...the girls love whn they practice here every week, and also get upset that they can't go to the gigs which finish at 3am!!!!...Those pictures are great!

husband said...

jo, prefiero seguir siendo el husband anónimo
Ah! y espero no dejar nunca de hacer el tonto

come on, I'd rather keep myself as anonymous husband
And I hope I'll never stop acting like a fool

Miss Woo said...
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Esti said...

char, another thing we have in common, yes!

la ninja said...

now, you're a blurry husband :)
hooray for "hacer el tonto" and enjoying it.

Alicia said...

que buena tu princesa!!

diplodoc said...

Husband es de El inquilino comunista??? Ahora me entero... Jo, qué recuerdos!!