Thursday, November 5, 2009

Number 27

Siguiendo el método más rudimentario posible, el ganador del sorteo del pack de dos cuadernos pintameldia es el número 27 que, si no me equivoco, corresponde a Bea. Por favor, mándame un mail con tu dirección para que te los pueda enviar.
Muchísimas gracias a todos los que habéis participado!


Following the most rudimentary possible method, the winner of the gieveaway of a pack of two notebooks is number 27, who, if I am not wrong, goes to Bea. Please, send me a mail with your current address so I can send it to you.
Thanks everybody for participating!
There will be more giveaways in the near future!

Today's music:
The Plimsouls


su said...

Que penaaaaaa! yo era la 28! que suerte Bea!

Bea said...

Bueno, bueno, bueno... Según enciendo el ordenador y, como todos los días, cotilleo tu blog, me encuentro con este sorpresón!!!! Hoy va a ser un gran día, sí señor!!!!!
Mil gracias, te mando mail.
Que contenta toyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Anairam said...

Congratulations, Bea! And Esti, I think your art stands out even on the darkest of spots! I wish I could see the exhibition.

anne said...

one lucky girl!

andrea tachezy said...

Congratulation Bea, you´re a happy one! Esti, next time I´d like to be a winner :-)

jane said...

awww! i missed your giveaway. your notebooks are fabulous!! besos!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

this is why there should not be lotteries! It should be a competition .. then I would at least have a chance to win ...


Esti said...

alexandra, you might be right. I'll think to do differently next time ;)