Friday, September 25, 2009

What I saw

* driving today

* yesterday i saw an old friend that had managed to stop time
* saw a pregnant dentist
* saw some books i want
* saw some tatooed flashbacks
* saw some girls faking a band playing
* saw the reflection of a statue on a pond
* saw an empty museum
* saw stripes and non-smiles

Today's music:
Ryan Adams


La otra de mí said...

qué pasó? por qué esa ofensa?

karina Manghi said...

Se enojo la niña?

jane said...

she is just too cute. how´s the start of school going? besos-jane

Jorge said...

A total Husband look!

Es igual que su padre!!

Inés said...

Muy expresiva cuando se enfada. Y eso está muy bien.

Aran said...

ahhh... que bueno... y lo mejor las rayas y esos morros. menos mal que les queremos no esti?

Fruenswerk said...

Haha...I love this very I did a what my camera saw yesterday......hihi funny
peace girl with big hugs :)

lisa s said...

she's adorable when she pouts.

and that kitten. i wish i could come snatch it up from you. so cute!!

Hila said...

you saw some fabulous things :)