Friday, March 7, 2008

Asphalt and Air

En Asphalt and Air están llevando a cabo un proyecto bastante divertido. Cada día sacan de un bote de cristal, una palabra escrita previamente en unos papelitos y ponen una fotografía en relación con la palabra o inspirada por ella. Bueno, pues me apunto a este juego. Permitidme no hacerlo a diario, pero con un manojo de fotografías.

En Asphalt and Air, have this fun project going on. From a cristal jar
they pick everyday a word written in little tags and they post pictures related or inspired by it. Well, I'd like to join this game. Allow me not to do it in a daily basis, but somewhere along the line, with a handful of pictures.

1 = inside (dentro)

2 = fallen = fall (caer)

3= awake (despertar)

4= open (abierto)

5 = language (lenguaje)

6= perfumed (perfumado)

7 = intense (intenso)


Jill said...

Hey, what a fun idea! I really like the bright colors and the closeups in these photos too. A good way to start the morning.

Mary-Laure said...

I love those pictures. They are so colorful and sunny that they fill the viewer with joy and energy!

asphaltandair said...

how wonderful, esti!
this post made me (and my friend) incredibly happy!!!
what a nice surprise for our friday morning.
it's so nice to have you join us.
your photos are wonderfully expressive.
i espesially love the "inside" and "language" photos.

design for mankind. said...


Marie-Louise said...

It becomes more and more blogs that I only must read and see… and it is always fun to see new ideas. Little jealous when I see that you already seems to know of real spring (or summer?)
Have a nice weekend!

instantanés said...

Me gusta mucho !!! Ideia fantastica como as fotos !! Talviez yo misturo português con español ... Sorry !!!

Esti said...

instantanés, tu español es bueno, lo entiendo perfectamente. gracias.

FruensWerk said...

I´m following asphalt and airs word jar game...NOW I have to check up on yours too..;)
Great idea...I like you photos much...and maybe I can learn some spanish words too...:D

Alexandra Hedberg said...

... and it becomes a language course as well...

I also read about that project just when it started. Such a nice idea. And great that you hang along... Nice set of photos... I've discovered so many good blogs that I would like to read (and comment), but I barely have the time to manage my own blog. So - I'll probably be here reading ... though I might not always comment...

Kelly C. said...

this is a fabulous project! and the photos are intensely wonderful!

asphaltandair said...

blogged about your contribution here:


Annika Sandin said...

so nice photos. really like the language one :)