Wednesday, February 13, 2008


¡Qué estupenda sorpresa! En cuanto ha salido a la venta me lo he comprado. El último libro de Murakami "Sauce ciego, mujer dormida" promete ser conmovedor y corrosivo. La belleza de sus historias, de su lenguaje, ha hecho de él uno de mis autores favoritos. Recomiendo entusiastamente "Tokio Blues" y "Al sur de la Frontera, al oeste del Sol.

Y aunque alejado geográficamente, también he resuelto que era un buen momento para la melancólica música de Bonnie Prince Billy.

Hoy es el día de los artistas sensibles...

What a gratifying surprise! I've bought the book as soon as it's been published. The latest Murakami will surely be moving and corrosive. The beauty of his stories and his language has made him one of my contemporary favourite writers. I enthusiastically recomend "Tokyo Blues" and "South of the Border, West of the Sun" (I don't really know the correct titles of the English edition)

Although geographycally far apart, I thought it'd be a good moment for Bonnie Prince Billy melancholic music as well.

Today's the day... of the sensitive artists


Jill said...

Gracias, Esti! It was so nice to get a mention on your blog yesterday! Also, it's so weird that you mention Murakami today! I've never read anything by him and was going to ask my blog readers to recommend their favorite books by him, so I could pick one to read. I will try the ones you recommend here...thank you.

Esti said...

Jill, once you start reading him and getting into his world and images, you can't escape! I began with Tokyo Blues, but any of them will do for a start.

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