Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lykke Li

Another one for the poster series.
I must say that creating posters is fun; there are lots of things you can do and I juggle with a thousand and one ideas. All of a sudden some of them land on paper and fit better to a name or music. I see magic in this process. 


Otro para la serie de posters.
Debo decir que hacer posters me está resultando divertido; hay un montón de cosas que puedes hacer y me inundan mil y una ideas. De repente algunas aterrizan suavemente y encajan mejor con un nombre o una música. Este proceso tiene su magia.

Today's music:


vestidadedomingo said...

qué bueno!... tema y poster

Mary Jo said...

Every day I am struck anew at just how poetic you are, in English no less. I know you were a musician, but were you ever a songwriter or poet too?

There is magic in your words!

Mary Jo

tia said...

ese gorro...tiene un aire amish? :) me gusta! Por qué hay que poner dos palabras ahora? es más incómodo dejarte un comentario....

Esti said...

gracias macarena :)

mary jo, thanks for your words. You should know that I handle words better in writing than speaking, because I can take my time to make them sound in my head beforehand. However, I'm afraid I am not a musician (I'm helpless at playing or singing), however husband is and so are many other dear friends. I have worked around musicians my whole life, so something must have stuck. :)

tia, se supone que es un gorro de aviador de estilo antiguo, pero no le va mal que recuerde a un gorro amish. En cuanto a las dos palabrejas, me temo que no es cosa mía... Veré que puedo hacer.

* said...

me encanta... además últimamente estoy súper enganchada a las canciones de esta mujer... algunas me ponen los pelillos de punta...


We Blog Artists said...

SO brilliant...I am so happy to know you in thie virtual World...makes me want to create more!

Adrienne said...

I want to buy this. Can I please buy this? Seriously.