Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm more than ready to let spring go

The rain and the flood
came in a rush
leaks and withered tomato plants
torn umbrellas and soaked garments
and the sound of thunder over this old rooftop

... and crap, someone stole my cell phone


La lluvia y la crecida
vinieron deprisa
goteras y plantas de tomate mustias
paragüas rotos y zapatos mojados
y el sonido de los truenos sobre este viejo tejado

... y, mierda, alguien me ha robado el teléfono

Today's music:
Bob Dylan


Kim Baise said...

ok, I looove this post. bring on the summer! i'm sick of those color triangle flags everyone's been waving all spring. whoever stole your cell phone will get hit by bad karma 3x over.
<3 bob dylan too.

aimee said...

we had a torrential storm here this afternoon and it was magnificent. i mowed and weeded the lawn just in time. have you gotten a new phone yet? this time you need to glue it to your body or wear it as a necklace!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Oh...I hope you just lost your phone and they will just pick it up and return it to you.

Ciara said...

Oh no! Such a pain.

And crap weather for you too. I was watching the cloud and rain sitting over Spain and France on the weather forecast last night. It's partly because we are having the most splendid hot sunny days. Sorry. :-(

Will try and send some your way...

ameskeria said...

hablé con mi padre en Bilbao ayer y me contó esto mismo (bueno, no lo de tu teléfono, claro). Cuidaros mucho por allí arriba.

Jorge said...


Inés said...

Eso es: un precioso texto again.

ibb said...

Olvida el movil, el mal tiempo y vente después de San Juan a Vitoria a ver a Bob.

la ninja said...

yeah. how are you doing down there?
it seems the 'dam is much sunnier lately. how would have said, ei?

good vibes your way. santo año lluvioso de los *******.

Nata said...

Por lo visto el veranito que nos espera va a ser fino, así que yo me resisto a despedirme de la primavera, que, afortunadamente, está siendo más benévola en el centro peninsular.

Anairam said...

Oh no! You are supposed to have summer! Here we have had a week of icy cold, and rain, but today (tin ypically South African fashion) it is a glorious sunshiney day. I hope you get your cell phone back - I always think - all those phone numbers I would lose! Got to remember to make a back-up ...