Friday, March 26, 2010


hints of spring
different smells
different light
different steps
while choosing my path


indicios de primavera
diferentes olores
diferente luz
diferentes pasos doy
mientras elijo un camino

Today's music:
Brett Anderson


vestidadedomingo said...

Cómo ha cambiado el color del cielo ¿verdad?

su said...

Bienvenida primavera!

tia said...

primavera!date prisa que dura poco y reflejala cómo tu sabes...besos

Koey said...

I can see the traces of spring too. They are wonderful:-D

anne said...

Even here the spring is singing its tune. It makes me very happy.

la ninja said...

hint hint, wink wink.
qué bien que ya está aquí.

Zepequeña said...

Que ganas de color...


Jill said...

i love those first hits of spring too. it's teasing us here, spring light and a few flowers, but very cold these past few days. i love that you are answering questions for your blog anniversary, it is great to read your answers :)

Katrina said...

ah! you are in my studio this week, i really think you are tucked in there in spirit drinking chai & sharing the homemade chocolate cake. i just started a print with red petals scattered, similar to these leaves.