Thursday, September 20, 2012

Adventurous Thursday

Today is the day I pull out my Posca pens
and some soft music to work with


Hoy es el día que saco mis rotus Posca
y un poco de música tranquila con la que trabajar


husband said...

a ver qué sale!

Mae said...

Hi, Esti!. Seguro que sale algo precioso como los últimos trabajos que has mostrado a cual más bonito. Por cierto vaya material má bueno que tienes, ya me gustaría tener esa cajita!!

Ciara said...

These are beautiful!

Would love a how to/tutorial! :-D

Esti said...

Oh Ciara, I didn't do those lamps. I've been commissioned to do something (I cannot reveal yet) in a little shop in the city, and those lamps happened to be there, right by my brushes, pens, cloths and jars of water... They were made by an artist known as Fer Luzifer, I think.