Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tiny moments

Soon this piece will be leaving. 
To a beautiful house,
with wonderful people
and lots of music in the air.


Pronto este dibujo se marchará.
A una casa maravillosa,
con gente estupenda
y un montón de música en el aire.

Today's music:
The National


Mendruga said...

Allí seguro que estará bien. Las casas con música en el aire siempre suelen ser buenas.
Buen día soleado, por le menos un poco más para occidente lo está :)

anne said...

There's no better home for your drawings than a home full of music. Love it.

Ciara said...

I've enjoyed catching up here with your last few posts. I love how productive you are! I admire you greatly, did you know that?

I do hope all your house plans are coming along nicely and without too much trouble. Thinking of you. xxxx

Esti said...

Thanks so much Ciara. I must catch up with your posts too. Sorry if I don't drop by to blogvisit you as often. Every now and then I see some of your beautiful family pics and it makes me very happy to see how your kids grow up. After four years it feels as if I know them well. Sending you love.

FruensWerk said...

Nice to see you are working hard, girl...hihi
Still checking up on U´r blog and thinking of you...:)
Leaving comments, is another matter...hihi :)

Nuria said...

un blog maravilloso, enhorabuena.
Un rincón lleno de belleza.