Thursday, October 21, 2010

We are a Happy Family, second edition

Ya está aquí la segunda edición de las cartas.
Más información aquí y aquí
Y las puedes comprar AQUÍ.


The second edition of "We are a Happy family" is finally here.
You'll find more info here and here.
And you can buy them HERE.

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RosaMaría said...

te deseo buenas ventas!!

josi said...

ahh me gustan las cartas :D

marie-louise said...

what a funny idea!

Engra said...

alaaa!! preciosas!!!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

The perfect gift!

anne said...

Yes, these cards are the perfect Christmas gift!

Reportero de Lluvia said...

Yo ya sé quién tiene unas! jejeje

Fruenswerk said...

GREAT...I still love it...And U got a shop...supernice girl...hope everything is good sweet friend :))) hugssss

Ciara said...

Won't miss out this time!!