Friday, December 12, 2008

The idea and its shape

Framed piece: 50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 inches

No cuesta que las ideas tomen forma. Acaban haciéndolo.
Lo que cuesta es coser las ideas para que no se escapen.

I don't find it hard to have my ideas taking shape. They end up doing it.
I find hard to sew my ideas so they don't get away.

Today's music:
The Real Kids

Update: Eleanor has written this fantastic poem to accompany my drawing. They are now knotted forever. Thanks Eleanor.


A string from hand to sky
Is angled to be sewn,
A fancy flight of sorts
Of diamonds, lines and notes.

Too well I know that bird,
Too well I know that flight,
My screening days have numbered
Each and every air delight.

My women do surround me,
My shoulder hopped with song,
So well the grace of inspiration
Wings the words along.

So here I sit look smile,
And thank you all in time
To the rhythm of the sharing kite
Of global moon-lit rhyme.


María said...

Y a mi eso de coser... se me da fatal :-))

outi said...

oh very beautiful! at the same time so sensitive and fine but also very dynamic. i like it:)

Miss Rosenthal said...

Sobre todo cuando las ideas llegan en mitad del sueño.
Preciosa esta serie de obsesiones,
Un besazo y buen finde

karin said...

Yes, it's perhaps a little bit like you say: the ideas find their own way to out.

Eleanor said...

You are truly on a roll. Unstoppable inspiration.

Eleanor said...

I just wrote and posted a little poem inspired by your beautiful drawing.

I simply adore this drawing. Thank you for sharing your art.

la casita de wendy said...

es precioso!!

Jill said...

wow! lovely collaboration on the drawing and poem. that little black bird is the sweetest detail!

raining sheep said...

I really like the image of the girl with the kite and the poem just makes the image come alive.

Bonbon Oiseau said...

this is such a beautiful post esti--and thank you for finding me again...i put you in my blogroll so i won't forget again--i always am so inspired by my visits to you.
(and i love kites---i want to do aparty in the spring and design bonbon oiseau kites and have an outdoor tea party! i should really do it huh?)

Esti said...

it's funny how most of you have seen a kite. I hadn't seen it before. For me it was just a bunch of chaotic lines (my ideas) taking a tidy shape. I like the kite idea, and after Eleanor so genorusly has written a poem I won't think of this drawing otherwise.

bonbon oiseau, i look forward to seeing the kite party in spring. A wonderful idea!

jill, thanks for noticing the bird. (it's my tender part)


La Ballena Elena said...

No sólo los dibujos son bonitos sino la ropa que le pones a los dibujos (es precioso el vestido)
Me encantan mermelada y nocilla y el árbol de fondo

feliz fin de semana

Anairam said...

A fantastic drawing - and the idea behind it is so clever! I also really like the delightful poem which accompanies it very well.

mushroommeadows said...

lovely! the little bird is adorable and the girl's expression is so carefree!

Eleanor said...

Oh Esti, I am so pleased that you like the poem. This is most generous of you, thank you. "Knotted forever" - you are just too wonderful!

●• Tiny Red said...

precioso el pajaro negro :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

this girl has a very special expression in her face. less dreamy. more naughty - or rather mischevious.

flossy-p said...

Your work is always so wonderful. I love this one!

p.s. thanks so much for your kind congratulations too! :D

lisa s said...

that kite is really magical!
hope you have been well... i'm catching up!

Katrina said...

just taking some time to get caught up with my favorite blogs, i just love this new illustration series. i adore it, actually. cheers to you!

fliss said...

this is wonderful...and the poem marriages it together so well. A special piece which makes me smile :)